Owners, Investors and Asset Managers Need It

  • Optimal price performance, increased asset value
  • Eliminates subjective rent and renewal pricing decisions
  • Immediately recognizes and reduces lost revenue opportunity
  • Reduces unexpected capital calls by balancing lease expirations
  • You can anticipate, evaluate, and react with confidence
  • Advanced, timely, and meaningful business intelligence and reporting

Management Companies and On Site Operators Need It

  • Allows management staff to focus on generating traffic, marketing and resident retention
  • Provides greater time management and inventory control by balancing lease expirations
  • Eliminates unpleasant and uninformed pricing and concession negotiations
  • Optionally provides staff with competitors’ pricing to assist in the closing process
  • Offers prospects interactive, multiple pricing choices based on desired move-in date and lease term

Marketing Pros Need It

  • Crunches competitive data beyond survey limits to determine optimal pricing structure
  • Factors unit type demand as well as historical leasing factors
  • Requires minimal review
  • Automatically delivers consistent pricing to all marketing channels

How RentPush.com Turns Small Change Into Big Money

Increase Average Rent $5 Per Unit Per Month For One Year

200 Units Starting Month After 11 Month Increase $ Increase % Increase RentPush Subscription ROI
Average Rent 896 951        
Potential Annual Rent Roll $2,150,400 $2,216,400 $66,000 3% $3,600 1733%